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The story of the stories in 100 words started in 2001 in Santiago de Chile. A group of university students had a dream to open a call for urban dwellers to write their stories, share their thoughts and feelings about their city. There were only two rules: the story has to be connected somehow to the city and it can be maximum 100 words.

This group of young university friends turned into a professional enterprise, called Plagio and in 2014 the competition was already running in 5 Chilean cities (Antofagasta, Valparaíso, Iquique, Concepción, Santiago), in one Mexican city (Puebla) and in Budapest, Hungary as first city in Europe.

The 12 stories of the finalists of each installment, chosen by a jury of prominent national writers, are made available for free in various formats and publicly displayed throughout the Metro de Santiago network.

During its first thirteen editions it has succeeded in receiving more than 500,000 original stories, becoming a phenomenon of mass participation. Thus, “Santiago en 100 Palabras” has positioned itself as the most popular literary project in the country and one of the most valuable urban interventions by the inhabitants of Santiago.

'Your city' in 100 words in Europe

Your city in 100 words In Europe was first organised in 2014 in Budapest by Mindspace, in cooperation with Plagio. Our goal is to spread the word and implement the ‘100 words’ initiative in various European cities.

In 2015, the second literary contest Budapest in 100 Words were a record number of submissions, totalling 1,154 stories from citizens. The majority of stories were submitted electronically, but it was also incredibly special to receive works written by hand and then delivered by post. This year was characterized by inspiring and beautiful texts, impressive contemporary illustrations, wonderful people and touching life stories.

The members of this year’s jury were Nóra Winkler, Balázs Szőllőssy and Dániel Viktor Nagy. The jury had the difficult task of selecting the best 100, the best 12 and the best 3 works from the submissions. The best 100 stories are available online on the MindSpace website and will also be available in print as a pocketbook collection.

The best 12 pieces were illustrated by Hungarian graphic designers and were exhibited at the public gallery event. At the awards ceremony, the participants could view the top stories with their illustrations and also listen to the three of the best 12 works read while accompanied by a musical composition.

V4 / 2016

The aim of V4 capitals in 100 words is to organize a literary contest along with art exhibitions, music performances and moderated talks while engaging the citizens of the V4 (Visegrad countries) and opening eyes to the uniqueness of each capital. The participants are motivated to send a story related to the city, maximized in 100 words. The best submissions get published, illustrated, and expressed by musicians. The award giving ceremony gives a chance to further discuss relation between the city and its citizens.

The true beauty of this contest that it reaches a wide range of people regardless to age, sex, profession or residence, and gives great opportunity to share feelings about the capital. Some stories have a strong historical influence, while others a contemporary theme. The limitation of 100 words gives a lighter feeling on the literary competition, while makes it possible that they reach to a lot of people. The stories, despite to their shortness convey strong messages. The pieces have a real impact on its writers and on its readers as well. The best stories get illustrated and exhibited in public places and on public transport as well.

In 2016 "Your city in 100 words" project will be implemented in the Visegrad capitals, thus besides Budapest in Bratislava, Prague and Warsaw. The "V4 capitals in 100 words" project is funded by the Visegrad Fund, under serial No, 21520198.

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